Ken Wigginton

Ken is in his 60’s but doesn’t feel a day over 25, when he graduated from law school at Texas Tech University. He did his undergraduate work at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas after graduating from S.H. Rider High School. Along with his J.D., Ken has a B.A in Political Science. He’s an Eagle Scout, TEKE, Texas Rangers fan and a duffer on the golf course. He and his life-partner, Janie enthusiastically support Scottie Rescue.
(Ask Ken how to adopt a Scottie dog through one of the Texas Scottie rescue organizations.)


“Law for Small Business Owners and Successful Families”

My practice is based on a different way of thinking about client relationships and how to best serve my clients’ legal needs.

Over my 38 years of practice, I’ve accumulated a broad range of experiences representing businesses and individuals. My passion for working with small businesses developed from helping family owned companies move forward from litigation-intensive to preventative, best practices footings. Proactive, preventative law became a meaningful practice for me as my litigation clients frequently sought continued representation in order to develop litigation prevention strategies. That paved a pathway to shift my practice focus. And, now, I’ve built a boutique office practice with a focus on providing key legal services to small business owners and successful families.

I’m a big believer in the value of preventative law, which I deliver on a concierge basis, including routine legal checkups at an affordable rate. At my law office, initial consultations are always “Free to Talk”. I take the time to meet and get to know potential clients and discuss their needs before my time clock starts to run.

An umbrella of core legal services is available through my law office. My goal is to offer clients value-driven results. At the end of my consultations, I’ll recommend the services that I can provide to develop and maintain your small business’s or family’s good legal health. And, I’ll quote a clear fee for each service.