A well-drafted employee handbook should do much more than just orient new employees.

In addition to informing employees about all of the company’s policies, a “smart business” handbook emphasizes the at-will nature of the employment, declares the employer’s expectations about disciplinary actions/termination and acts as a shield to litigation.

Custom subjects that may be covered in your handbook include compensation schedules, dress codes, sick time/paid leave, computers and cell phones, drug and alcohol use, employment of relatives, employee behavior and promotion opportunities.


Many small business people haven’t planned to make sure that their companies stay in the family after they’re gone. Estate planning with an emphasis on succession can help prevent unwanted consequences upon the business owner’s passing.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can simply pass your small business down to your children. I’ll help you assemble a succession plan for your small business. That way, you, your family and your customers can rest assured that your company will transition smoothly.