Wills, Trusts & Probate

Wills, Trusts & Probate

Sometimes, whether its injury, divorce, arrest or debt, the worst thing that can happen to a small business is some unforeseen legal calamity that happens to its owner.  Not only does the owner’s personal legal difficulty drain needed financial resources from the company, but it can also drain the critical focus of the owner.

My practice philosophy of “being there” for my small business clients also means being there for my small business owners.

When you are personally injured, find yourself having to go through divorce, arrested for DWI or having to fend off debt collection, I will help.  If I can handle the matter directly, I’ll do so, quoting a clear fee for my services just as with business law matters.  If your best interest means bringing in an expert like a personal injury litigator, divorce attorney, criminal defense attorney or bankruptcy specialist, I’ll help in three ways:

First, I’ll do the search and hire the specialist for you.  I know what information lawyers need when making the decision to take on a new client.  I’ll present the facts of your case in a way to quickly get to the essence of the matter.  And, I’ll negotiate a fair fee for the specialists’ services on your behalf.

Second, I’ll stay at your side, maintaining control and continuing to direct your “big legal picture” while coordinating with your specialist on the urgent matter at hand.

Third, I’ll help reduce your overall legal costs by assisting your specialist with information and background services, so he can concentrate on the complex and sophisticated aspects of your urgent legal problem.

Our overarching objective will be to see both you and your small business through the legal difficulty that you are encountering, preserving your time and focus as best as possible to be spent on the uninterrupted continuation of your small business.  And, when your time becomes necessarily obligated to your personal legal problem, I’ll help you develop strategies to temporarily delegate business operations to others or obtain outside assistance.