Practice Areas

My practice is based on a different way of thinking about my client relationships and how to best serve my clients’ legal needs.

I look forward to serving YOUR small business and family’s core legal needs.

Over my 35 years of practice, I’ve accumulated a broad range of experiences representing business owners and successful families. My passion for working with small businesses developed from helping family owned companies move forward from litigation-intensive to preventative, best-practices footings. Proactive, preventative law became a meaningful practice for me as my litigation clients frequently sought continued representation in order to develop litigation prevention strategies. That paved a pathway to shift my practice focus. And, now, I’ve built a boutique office practice with a focus on Law for Small Business Owners and Successful Families to offer this approach to small businesses their owners, and others in Denton.

An umbrella of legal services is available through my law office for my clients. My goal is to offer clients house-counsel advantages without the prohibitive cost of maintaining a legal office on payroll. At the end of my consultations, I’ll recommend the services that I can provide to develop and maintain your business in good legal health. And, I’ll quote a clear fee for each service. If your business has a need for legal services or expertise that I can’t provide, I’ll help you obtain that additional expertise.

Whether an experienced entrepreneur or a first-time startup, the small businessman must address a myriad of tasks before he can open shop.

Small businesses enter into contracts every week.  All businesses inherently deal with contracts, because all transactions involving goods or services are based upon some type of contract.

Real estate law critically impacts small business operations on a daily basis.  It covers a broad range of matters that small business people typically don’t plan for.